Newsletter: Seven ways to get involved this week



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It’s been a busy time for Ward 4 Mutual Aid so we’ll get right to it: here are seven ways you can be part of mutual aid this week.

1. Rally for our collective safety

Our safety is connected, and an attack on any of us is an attack on all of us no matter where it happens. “Tuesday’s attack could have been our mothers, our sisters, our cousins, our family members. We could not afford another tragedy. We don’t know all the answers; but we will NOT stop until everyone can feel safe at home, at work, and in their own country.”


Join the Coalition on Human Needs, OCA National, PIVOT, and Community Justice Action Fund this SUNDAY March 21 at McPherson Square and Rally for Collective Safety: #ProtectAAPI. More details.

2. Redistribute your stimulus

$1,400 checks are dropping and now is a moment to put mutual aid values into action. Sign up to be part of our stimulus redistribution program and we’ll match you with a neighbor in need of cash support:

During our last round of stimulus matching we matched 30 pairs of people who redistributed $600 each, and W4MA directly supported an additional 83 people. In total we’ve already helped 113 people get a total of $59,500. We’re aiming to do even more in this next round.

3. Get your stimulus check + free help filing taxes

If you have a social security number, you are eligible for the $1,400 stimulus payments going out right now. You are eligible even if you did not get the last round of stimulus, even if you do not have a permanent address.

There are a number of free resources to help people file taxes and get their stimulus checks. This printable flier has information about how everyone can get their stimulus payment. Post it, share it, hand it out, spread the word.

4. Become a Meal Prep volunteer

Since the start of the year W4MA has been distributing tents, sleeping bags, and other supplies to unhoused neighbors on Georgia Ave. Now we’re working to add prepared meals to our offerings each week and we need help to make it happen!

Sign up to be a Meal Prep volunteer and help us provide prepared meals to unhoused neighbors each Saturday. Email for more information and to get involved.

5. Take the community survey

After a full year of the pandemic we’re taking some time to reflect on our work and think about ways we can grow and evolve in the months ahead. If you haven’t already, share your thoughts in our short community survey:

6. Donate items at Upshur Garden

This Sunday from 1-3pm, join a Share-a-Seed garden party and bring donations for Ward 4 Mutual Aid. “Donations of seeds and gently used garden equipment will be collected for #ShareaSeed AND mutual aid donations for DC Ward Mutual Aid.” Please see the link for the items currently being collected by W4MA for the community. More info about this event.

7. Become a monthly donor

W4MA is made possible by all of us, working together in solidarity. We’re doing a lot and there’s even more in the works. 

Become a monthly donor to Ward 4 Mutual Aid to help make it possible. Becoming a monthly donor is the single most important way you can resource the work.


  • Vaccine pre-registration now open for all DC residents. Pre-register here.
  • The deadline to file taxes has been extended one month, to May 17. More information.
  • Esperanza Educational Fund: Students from immigrant families in the DMV can apply for $5k-$20k in college scholarships from the Esperanza Education Fund. The scholarship also provides mentorship and career guidance for recipients. Applications are due on April 1.
  • The Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs distributes groceries on the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting at 9:30 am at 4801 16th Street, NW.

Find more resources to help with rent, utilities, health care and more on our website.

Ward 4 Helpline:
Text or call (202) 681-3098. Se habla Español.

Groceries and supplies are available for anyone on Wednesdays from 5-7pm and Saturdays from 12-2pm at Brightwood Park United Methodist Church, 744 Jefferson St. NW. No appointment or signup needed.