Newsletter: March Shoutouts




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Did you know: Ward 4 Mutual Aid spends about $20,000 each month on our support efforts. Those funds go to buying milk, eggs, fresh produce, pantry staples, baby supplies, tents, sleeping bags, direct assistance for emergency needs, all kinds of things. Every month we take care of one another in a huge way.

It takes a community effort to make this possible. Today we want to recognize the people who supported W4MA last month. Aaron, Jace, Anne, Julie, Caroline, Rivka, Mitchell, Catherine, Charlotte, Morgen, Amy, Michael, Emily, Ori, Sana, Laura, Sarah, Susan, Laura, Deborah, Julia, Maya, Rhys, Matt, Meredith, Julie, Fiona, Charlie, Yael, Rachel, LeAnne, Beth, Hannah, Amanda, Ashley, Athena, Ann, Samantha, Rachel, Rachel, Madeline, Kevin, Taylor, Michelle, Margo, Alanna, John, Katie, Meghan, Andrew, Daniel, Laura, Ashely, Emily, Alex, Jean, Samantha, Noa, Laura, Tersea, Alena, Christen, Michelle, Grace, Emily, Juliet, Sophie, Monica, Emily, Jessica , Jeremy, Teal, Nina, Matthew, Kathleen, Ben, Metin, Patricia, Aya Laurel, Natalia, Emily, Patrick, Melissa, Erica, Frances, Zach, Kelsey, Caroline, Claire, Graham, Jennifer, Catherine, Claire, Francesca, Jenna, Marghet, Meera, Nate, Jeffrey, Rebecca, Simon, Danielle, Georgia, Hannah, Idit, Madison, Justin, Eliza, Jonathan, Emily, Kristoffer, Marlena, Sonya, Elizabeth, Nancy, Marianne, Morgan, Nancy, Krissi, Janicia, Elizabeth, Sciatta, Jolie, Mark, Lena, Haninah, Chris, Chris, Martha, Miren, Carol, Allegra, Samuel, Victoria, Julia, Julia, Laura, James, Paul, Pauline, Dan, Melissa, Jessica , Jennifer, Kathryn, Katherine, Julian, Carol, and Bobby: thank you! You are making so much possible.

Many of the folks above are monthly supporters who sustain our work. This is an especially meaningful way to make a financial contribution to W4 Mutual Aid. If you’re able, become a monthly donor today:

Find out more about what we’ve been up to lately, resources you can use, and how you can help support our community below.

In gratitude and solidarity,
Ward 4 Mutual Aid

Help Casa Ruby stay in Ward 4

Run and led by transgender women of color, Casa Ruby provides social services and programs catering to the most vulnerable in the city and surrounding areas. They are a pillar of the Ward 4 community but right now they are fighting against displacement.

Show up for Casa Ruby: Donate to help them remain in Ward 4 — and spread the word.

Become a Meal Prep volunteer

We’re stepping up our support for unhoused neighbors and beginning to offer prepared meals each week. We want your help to make it happen!

Sign up to be a Meal Prep volunteer and help provide prepared meals to unhoused neighbors each Saturday. Email for more information and to get involved.

Redistribute your stimulus

$1,400 stimulus checks are dropping and now is a moment to put mutual aid values into action.

Sign up to be part of our stimulus redistribution program and we’ll match you with a neighbor in need of cash support.

We’ve already matched more than 40 people with stimulus funds! It’s an easy and meaningful way to support each other.


  • Vaccine pre-registration now open for all DC residents. Pre-register here.
  • Need transportation to your vaccine appointment? Transit options are available. Visit for information.
  • The Covid Vaccine “How to” Resource Guide is a crowdsourced list of information about vaccination eligibility and availability in the greater DC region. Even if you don’t qualify for a vaccination yet in DC, you might qualify elsewhere.
  • Free dental clinic for kids — Howard University Free Dental Exams for kids ages 3 years – 16 years old. April 9, 2021, 8am-4pm. 600 W Street NW. Register at
  • Sign up for the DC CARES program with MLOV. $1,000 per eligible applicant, for residents excluded from unemployment insurance. Learn more at or call Jairo at 202-422-9368.
  • The deadline to file taxes has been extended one month, to May 17. More information.
  • If you have a social security number, you are eligible for the $1,400 stimulus. Learn how to check your payment and get help filing your taxes:
  • Free immigration consultations — Experienced immigration attorneys assisted by students from the University of Maryland Carey School of Law provide free and confidential consultations for immigration and related tax issues.. Register for a virtual appointment:  

Find more resources to help with rent, utilities, health care and more on our website.

Ward 4 Helpline:
Text or call (202) 681-3098. Se habla Español.

Groceries and supplies are available for anyone on Wednesdays from 5-7pm and Saturdays from 12-2pm at Brightwood Park United Methodist Church, 744 Jefferson St. NW. No appointment or signup needed.